“Because inspiration is cross-pollinating. So a piece of mine may inspire a playwright or a novelist or a scientist. And that, in turn, may be the seed that inspires a doctor or a philanthropist or a babysitter. And this isn’t something that you can quantify or track or measure, and we tend to undervalue things in society that we can’t measure. But I really believe that a fully-operating, rich society needs these seeds coming from all directions and all disciplines in order to keep the gears of inspiration and imagination flowing and cycling and growing. So that’s why I do what I do.”
                               - Graphic designer Marian Bantjes in her TED talk, “Intricate Beauty By Design”

Sometimes TED talks are the best cure for creative blocks. Whenever I cannot seem to think of any interesting ideas or ways to progress through a project, I like to pop on a TED talk or documentary on design, art, or innovation to add some positive distraction. I sometimes find a little spark of inspiration that can fuel an entire design concept. One day, I chose the TED talk quoted above by Marian Bantjes, and fell in love with the way she describes inspiration. It is so important as a designer to look to the world around you for endless, fluid inspiration. It is encouraging to know that the most unexpected movie, quote, observation, sight, conversation, etc can serve as an impetus for impactful design ideas. 


Kirsten Fabian