Haspali Spa, Japan

I am currently working on a design for a plastic surgery clinic. Researching healthcare precedent studies has been helpful in the design development process for this project. The Haspali Spa in Japan really caught my eye! The circulation, views, and zoning in particular seemed noteworthy.

Moving throughout the space is very logical and direct. Paths and corridors are wide, open, and are not meandering. Ceiling changes help to define areas that are intended for circulation next to open stagnant spaces, like seating areas. 

The views throughout the space allow for a good level of natural lighting where intended. They help connect the interior with its outside surroundings. The views into adjacent spaces also allow the space as a whole to feel more open and connected.

The space can be divided into public, semi-public, private, and semi-private zones. The invidivual spaces in this plan are consistently adjacent to other spaces that can be categorized into the same zone, and then separated by circulation paths.

Kirsten Fabian