Hi, I'm Kirsten.

I am an interior designer, artist, lover of fresh air, food enthusiast, amateur gardener, & cat person. I work as a Store Designer for Urban Outfitters at the Home Office in Philadelphia. I graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design from Florida State University in 2016. Soon after, I moved to Philadelphia where I worked as an Interior Designer for Bower Lewis Thrower Architects until 2018.

I believe that design can impact the ways in which people interact with others, their environments, their activities, and the life situations they face each day. I was inspired to pursue design after realizing that every built environment and product we interact with have been designed by someone with specific intention. While this concept may seem simple or logical, it carries a lot of weight. Design is powerful in its scope; it is something that must be interacted with and, therefore, a tool that can be efficiently applied in many ways to affect people as a whole and as individuals. Spaces can facilitate healing, learning, socializing, and a wide range of emotions. It is imperative to design in a thoughtful way that prioritizes function while envisioning the potential ways in which the design will affect users. I am passionate about designing in an impactful way that benefits users, perhaps without them even realizing it.

I am passionate about translating my surroundings and daydreams into digital, pen and ink, or watercolor illustrations. Art provides an opportunity for me to be creative in a way that is playful and imaginative. I believe that illustration is the most powerful medium for story-telling.




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